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The importance of water in daily diets

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Around 60% of the human body is made of water. Just a 1% decrease will cause mental and physical coordination to be impaired.  Sharp drops below this level, or dehydration, can have adverse effects on health such as dry mouth, dizziness, palpitations, confusion, sluggishness and even fainting.

Regular hydration will help detox by removing harmful toxins resulting in a healthy youthful appearance. Surprisingly, water will also help flush out any excess fluids in the body making it a perfect slimming aid.

Drinking water regularly during the day will help avoid any high calorie coffees or soft drinks.  Several studies have shown that drinking water before a meal will decrease the amount of food consumed resulting in fewer calories being consumed thus assisting weight loss.

Replace alcoholic drinks with water. Alcohol is a diuretic and caused dehydration, that’s why we always feel thirsty after a drink. When you take into account the massive calorie content of alcoholic beverages, it is easy to see why they should be kept to a bare minimum.

Cold water will speed up metabolism as well as start a natural thermogenesis.  This is caused by the body’s effort to maintain the temperature. Drinking cold water in the morning on an empty stomach will cause the body to burn fat to provide energy to stabilise the drop in temperature from the water.

For complete well being, water should be on top of every diet list whether you are trying to lose weight, detox, or just want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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