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  • Simba – London

    “I was recommended Wellbeing Pro from a friend and decided to go for their protein and Explode pre-workout. With a little effort at the gym, healthy eating and these 2 combined gave straggering result in just 6 months. My muscles appear highly defined and I managed to achieve the ripped look I was after. I give it 5/5 for both products and will most certainly be buying again!!”

  • Gina – Kent

    “This product has helped me lose my desired amount of weight as well as increasing my self confidende. I experience no nausea or any other side effects, and my weight was lost without substantial increase of exercise, but my portion size decreased due to a smaller appetite!”

  • Jodie – London

    “Having been seriously overweight in the past, I managed to lose most of the excess weight over a period of 3 years. Having hit a plateau, I turned to WBP Raspberry Ketone and must say I was Blown away! In just 9 days I lost over a stone! I have not upped my exercise to anything drastic but I am only eating about half as much food since my appetite is almost non-existant. But still, I’m massively impressed with the Ketones and hope this sort of progress continues…”