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Weight Loss & Dieting – Your Safe & Effective Supplement Guide

When we think about dieting and weight loss we think of things like cutting out fast food and carbohydrates. However, what we rarely bring to mind is the laborious effect that the modern world itself has on us. Marathon commutes five and sometimes even six days a week, ever more difficult to achieve work targets and the intimate dreariness of life in many urban centers. Like it or not the modern world gets faster and more hectic with every passing moment. Moreover, it’s precisely our run down inner dynamos which lead to many of us being overweight and generally feeling run down in the first place.

Of course, there isn’t a miracle cure for the modern world. Likewise, a healthy balanced diet, exercise and adequate rest are always going to be tried and tested ways to get in and stay in shape. However, there are supplements which can help people lose weight and stay in shape too. Whole bitter orange for example, found in our T5 Black Heat, is a natural appetite suppressant and mild stimulant, one which when combined with caffeine is proven to help people lose weight. Likewise, in a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2003, isolated capsicum extract was proven (in a documented clinician trial environment) to significantly improve body fat oxidation, suppress appetite and ultimately help overall weight loss. This being the case, by incorporating the properties of caffeine, capsicum extract and whole bitter orange into a daily supplement, people not only find that they are more easily able to loose weight, but that they have much more get up and go in the morning.

However, the best weight loss supplements on the market don’t just stop at combining the active natural properties of capsicum, caffeine and whole bitter orange. Green tea has been used for thousands of years by homeopathic health practitioners in order to increase metabolism and encourage weight loss. This being the case, isolated green tea extracts of 40% are also often used in weight loss and wellbeing supplements.

Moreover, great weight loss and well being supplements work hand in hand with great science. Beta-Alanine for example, is a naturally occurring enzyme which our own bodies create to combat muscle fatigue. Bodybuilders and endurance sport enthusiasts are therefore Beta-Alanine’s traditional promoters. However, because  Beta-Alanine helps people keep going for longer it is also a rising star of the weight loss supplement market. Likewise, Pantothenic acid – otherwise known as Vitamin B5 is the human body’s natural fat burner, while Iodine is what our thyroid needs to make critical adjustments to our overall metabolism in the first place. All these high performance ingredients can be found in our acclaimed T5 Black Ultimate.

Meanwhile, 5-HTP, a natural compound also created in the human body, has as well as been hailed by doctors as the most powerful natural appetite suppressant currently known about, also been shown to be able to remedy everything from headaches and insomnia to depression. In fact, as a safe and natural appetite suppressant  5-HTP is rivalled only by L-Phenylalanine, an amino acid found in all mammalian (including human) breast milk, one which like 5-HTP is both a powerful appetite suppressant as well as natural mood enhancer.

Of course, long pharmaceutical sounding supplement names sometimes dissuade people from trying weight loss and well being supplements in the first place. However, it is important to remember that not only are the best weight loss and well being supplement ingredients 100% natural, but that by combining such powerful natural ingredients people struggling with lethargy and weight problems finally have a legitimate way to start looking and feeling physically better about themselves.

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