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Tips to Remember for Effective Strength Training

Summer is now over but this does not mean you should stop trying to achieve the beach body you have always dreamed of. In this case, it is now time to hit the gym and start building muscle through power training, lifting weights and other workout programs. Do not be a lazy person who just stays on the bed whole day, munching on junk foods and watching TV. Instead, make wiser use of your time and be engaged routines to get the chiselled body everyone will be surely envious about.

Getting the Most Out of your Strength Training Program

According to sports nutrition experts, any kind of fitness training will not prove to be an easy feat, especially for anyone who has not been engaged in a stringent workout routine in the past. For starters, it may be tempting to quit easily, but this will do you no good. This will result into the inability of being able to reach your goal within the desired time.

Some people have the misconception that losing weight and toning their body will require them to not eat anything at all. In reality, however, this is one thing you should never do as this can result into the lack of energy to function in your daily life.  Of course, you will need food to act as muscle fuel and to allow you to carry on with your day-to-day activities. You should avoid the inclusion of refined sugar, processed foods, and alcohol in your diet. Instead, concentration should be on healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and lean protein.

It is also important to learn when you should rest. Even if you are running short out of time, exercising all day without rest will do you more harm than good. You might end up passing out. Therefore, it is important to take a break from working out when needed, especially when your body can no longer handle its physical demands.

When lifting as part of your training, your focus should be on the form and not with weight. Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper posture, which will be beneficial avoiding injury. Especially if you are just beginning, start with no weight or light weight before you progress with the heavier ones. Do not try to lift more than what you can. If you experience an injury, immediately apply first aid treatment for quick recovery. Have it checked by a professional if the problem gets worse and take the necessary medications.

At the end of the day, fat burning and muscle toning will be an easier goal with you if you will have it complemented with the use of effective dietary supplements meant to help boost your strength and improve your physique. Be careful with your choice to be assured of their highest level of effectiveness.

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Keeping Fit with Football

Have you been getting absorbed by the talent on display in the World Cup in Rio? Have you considered playing football yourself?

If you are struggling with your summer diet or your fitness regime has slipped recently, football could be your route back to optimum health. In fact, now is the best time to be thinking about getting involved in the beautiful game as many clubs will be preparing for pre-season training in July and August. Even if you have no aspirations about securing a place in the team, training itself provides a structured way to gain strength and burn calories.

Whether you do join a club or decide to hone your fitness at the local park first, it is important to warm up beforehand. There’s nothing worse for your fitness aspirations than picking up an injury and being unable to work out at all. There are various warm up routines you could follow, but a mixture of running and static and dynamic stretches should be included, making sure every area of your body, from neck to toes, are involved.

Football involves a lot of running, at various paces, which is great for slimming. Regularly running for 90 minutes (the length of a football match), with periods of sprinting, combined with nutritional calorie control is a great way to achieve lasting health. It is particularly suited to those of us who are motivated by attaining a goal at the end of our training – literally! Indoor football can be especially effective and is usually more loosely organised than a standard football team. The ball doesn’t really go out of play in an indoor match which means an hour or more of non-stop running, great for burning up those calories. Finally, football is also a great way to improve your flexibility, agility, balance and co-ordination as you improve your skills with the ball.

As always, the best summer diet, in terms of health and calorie control, is one that involves regular, cardio-vascular exercise, some weight-bearing activity and a healthy, balanced food intake. Although diet supplements should never be used as a replacement for food, you may also find it useful to consider some diet supplements as part of your summer diet plan.

To get in touch with a local football team, search online and contact your local league’s secretary. Blow the whistle on your failed fitness drives and kick off your summer diet anew!

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Juice It!


Miranda Kerr and Nicole Ritchie swear by the health benefits of the juice diets…

The western world has been encouraged, with key celebrity names at the forefront, to try juice diets. With many variations and the health benefits going through the roof, it’s the easiet way to get your 5-a-day fix! In times when sitting down for a long dinner seems like a luxury, a tall glass of juice tends to make up for time as well as nourishment.

All you need is a selection of fresh fruit and vegtables in rainbow colours and a hard working blender to kick start the benefits.. The blender will slowly crush the fruit or vegetables; ending up with healthy and highly-enriched juice, with preserved colour and nutrients.

You absorb all the goodness – Cooking and boiling the ingredients, lead to the destruction of a majority of the vital anti-oxidants. Juicing helps prevent this loss and fortifies your dietary intake with a well rounded ingestion of all necessary nutrients.

More Is More – Carrots, Spinach, Kale and Brocolli; all in one sitting? All you got to do is throw together all of the infamous leafy veggies into the blender and you won’t even recognize them anymore. Try it today!

Drink Up Quick! – Juice only what you need. Under highly monitored conditions, vegetable juice can stay fresh for a maximum of 24 hours due to its unpasteurized nature. After this time span, the nutritional value declines steadily and the taste will also suffer.

Try our favourite juice recipe below:

The ABC juice
1 apple
2 beets
3 large carrots
1 (1-inch) piece of ginger
Spinach or kale (optional)